This website is designed to streamline the submission of grant proposals to NDI.  Only requests submitted through this website will be considered for funding.

For information regarding any of the grants listed below,  please visit our website.

For questions regarding the following grants, please email Geraldine Meehan at

  • Asia Research Collaboration Grant
  • International Research Travel Grant
  • Kylemore Abbey Global Centre Research Partnership Program
  • Luksic Family Collaboration Grant
  • Mexico Faculty Grant Program
  • ND – UC|Chile Luksic Scholars Joint Research Awards
  • ND Seed Grant Program - Israel and the United Kingdom
  • Schlindwein Family Tel Aviv University - Notre Dame Research Collaboration Grant
  • Wine Family Beijing Global Gateway Research Grant Program

We hope that the grant you received, from NDI, advanced your international collaborations and was fruitful with regard to your research

Please use this form to summarize the main activities and outcomes of your work associated with the NDI grant.  

This form is structured with an emphasis on the following:
  • A brief description of the project
  • Summary of the grant activities including international visits/delegations/exchanges (where appropriate)
  • Outcomes of the grant
  • Future plans